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Engine Protection Filters Drive Costs Down

Donaldson Blue lube filters are made using exclusive advanced synthetic media technologies. Synthetic media technology delivers:

  • Extended Service Life
  • Greater engine protection to prolong engine and equipment life
  • Improved lubricant flow
  • Improved cold start performance
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Can be used beyond OEM drain intervals
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Donaldson Blue® oil filters are made with premium advanced synthetic media technology that results in fibers that have a controlled size, shape and smaller fiber diameter.

The controlled media manufacturing process allows Donaldson Blue® oil filters to deliver both higher dirt holding capacity at the same pressure differential and higher efficiency compared to conventional cellulose filters. The synthetic media also has better durability with usage.

Throughout the service life of a cellulose filter, hot oil will degrade the resins that bind the media. The synthetic media technology uses a wire screen backing pleated with the media, resulting in superior strength.

Donaldson Blue® oil filters offer extended service intervals, greater engine protection to prolong engine and equipment life, improved lubricant flow, improved cold start performance and lower operating costs.

Donaldson Blue® Oil Filters

Nano-Fiber Technology
Conventional Cellulose
  • Red circle represents the diameter of a 20 micron particle.
  • Left: Small, consistent synthetic fibers trap smaller particles and hold more contaminants, resulting in lower restriction.
  • Right: Cellulose fibers are inconsistent in size and shape, allowing more contaminants to pass through, resulting in higher restriction and lower capacity.
Donaldson® Blue Oil Filter Buy Now/Pricing Information

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